Mathilde Bercy receives the third poster price of the 2nd International Conference Physics & Biological Systems 2014.

We receive a HFSP Research Grant, together with Knud Nierhaus (Berlin), Takuya Ueda (Tokyo) and Erwin Peterman (Amsterdam).

Publication of a press release about our article in Scientific Reports.

The Jean Langlois Prize of Research 2012 was attributed to the Nanobiophysics Laboratory.

Antoine Keriven receives the "Congratulations" of Ecole Polytechnique for his third year project done in our lab.

Pierre Mangeol receives the Jacques Monod prize of the Fondation de France for his PhD work done in our lab.

Publication of a press release for our article in PNAS .

CNRS International Magazine publishes an article about our research on page 11 of its october 2011 issue. Open the magazine or download a pdf of the article.

CNRS publishes a press release on our Nature Physics article .

General presentation

Together, biologists, chemists and physicists are very actively exploring the nanoworld of cells. This field of science is strongly driven by remarkable advances in physical measurement and biological preparation techniques, often related to nanotechnology, laser technology, single-molecule manipulation, enzymatic techniques, etc... The motivations range from understanding fundamental biological processes to medical applications.

In our lab, we employ experimental techniques and theoretical concepts of physics to investigate systems of biological interest; the focus is on systems exhibiting at least one characteristic length in the nanometer range. The research is based on close collaborations with groups from molecular biology, chemistry, physics and semiconductor technology.

Experimentally, we use different single molecule approaches (optical trapping, microscopic fluorescence, current measurements with biological nanopores), transistor based electronic detection, some surface chemistry and molecular biology.

Keywords : DNA, RNA, polymerases, helicases, molecular motors, single molecule techniques, force, FCS, FRET, nanopores, microarrays, biosensors, FET arrays, statistical physics, electrostatics in aqueous environment, structure and dynamics of systems of biological interest.